Failed States

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Place-name Etymology of the Modern Mexican States (Mexico is not a failed state - this image is just filler)
And while this image is here, you might want to know which languages these state names are coming from: (state name - language)

Michoacan - Nahuatl
Zacatecas - Nahuatl
Durango - Basque
Nuevo Leon - Latin, corrupted through Spanish
Nayarit - Cora, named for a Leader of the Cora speaking people there
Oaxaca - Nahuatl, corrupted through Spanish; originally "Huaxyacac"
Chiapas - Nahuatl
Campeche - Mayan, although which Mayan Language is unclear
Chihuahua - Nahuatl, corrupted through Spanish; originally "Xicuahua"
Tamaulipas - Huastec
Guerrero - Spanish, Only State named for a Mexican President
Sinaloa - Cahita
Baja California - Spanish (Baja) California (Arabic, corrupted through Spanish)
Baja California Sur - Spanish (Baja) California (Arabic, corrupted through Spanish) Spanish (Sur)
Yucatan - Nahuatl or Mayan, from "Yokatlan" (Nahuatl), or "Yuca-hatlanás" (Mayan)
Quintana Roo - Spanish, named for Don Andres Quintana Roo, politician during the Mexican War of Independence
Tabasco - Nahuatl, from "Tlapaco"
Colima - Nahuatl, from "Coliman"
Jalisco - Nahuatl, from "Xali" (Sand) and "Ixtli" (Face, by ext. Plain)
Aquascalientes - Spanish
San Luis Potosi - Spanish or French (Luis, with the Spanish title San) and Quechua or Aymara (both
Languages from from the Inca Empire in South America)
Guanjuato - Unknown Language (unknown to me)
Coahuila - Language Unknown (unknown to me)
Sonora - Opata
Morelos - Spanish, named for José María Morelos y Pavón, a hero who fought
for Mexico's independence from Spain
Queretaro - Queréndaro
Puebla - Spanish
Mexico - Nahuatl
Veracruz - Spanish
Tlaxcala - Nahuatl

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