Extinct Nations

This is an alphabetic listing of topics regarding extinct nations. The working definition of an extinct nation is a successfully established, independent or semi-independent nation/state that no longer exists. This listing does not include failed attempts to create a nation or state. It is an important distinction to note because even though a nation may be attempted, it can still fail or be absorbed shortly after establishment by another power. For nations or states that are not successful in their attempts, please see "Failed States" above.

The blurred line in this working definition is Absorption. Sometimes successfully established states can still be absorbed willingly into other, perhaps larger, unions or powers. In this instance, a nation/state will be assessed based on its context. For example, the Province of Canada (1841 to 1867) was a relatively successful, semi-independent nation of North America that was reorganized into a second Canada, the Federal Dominion of Canada by way of Canadian Confederation on July1, 1867. The Province of Canada would be considered a successful nation/state attempt, and thus be classified as an extinct nation.

Alternatively, the California Republic would be considered a failed state based on its context and not an extinct nation. The California Republic was declared an independent nation from Mexico by a handful of American immigrants on June 14, 1846. However, it never formed a government, was never recognized as a sovereign or semi-sovereign nation by another power and most of European-based California knew nothing about it. Only 26 days later, the United States Army annexed the area.

Special Topics
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Province of Canada

Province of Carolina

Federal Republic of Central America

Chalco Confederacy

Cherokee Nation

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Cocollรกn City-State


Confederate States of America

Captaincy General of Cuba

Republic of Cuba

Danish West Indies

Delaware Colony

Dominion of Newfoundland

Dos Pilas City-State

Dutch Virgin Islands

East Jersey



Tepenec Empire

Mexico City 100+ years after the Fall of Tenochtitlan

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